Easy to learn, simple to use

Seamless integration, deploy anywhere

Seamless integration, deployable anywhere

  • With over 40 pre-built tool connectors, integration into any application is quick and painless.
  • Integrating into other companies is as simple as dragging their Warewolf process into yours.
  • Build remote workflows straight into your local workflows.
  • Visually inspect and maintain integration points.
Visual business logic

Visual business logic with drag-and-drop

  • Understand your business logic quickly, easily and visually.
  • Documentation creation happens automatically as you build your visual systems.
  • Your work will always be easy to interpret, allowing other developers to get up to speed instantly.
  • Effective representation of architectural layers for best practice.
API management

Superior, simple API management

  • Warewolf is your secret weapon to managing your APIs.
  • Your work is automatically hosted and is accessible from the web, C#, DLLs – absolutely anywhere!
  • Reusing existing work as an API is a few clicks away.
  • Simple to use and easy to manage.

The developers choice

code langauge agnostic

Code language agnostic

  • Warewolf is completely code language agnostic.
  • Whether you develop in C#, Java or anything else, you can use Warewolf’s visual, flow-based programming to get the job done.
secure messaging and management

Secure messaging and management

  • Set security at a fine-grained service or server level.
  • Flexible and integrated with Windows Active Directory.
  • Secure messaging platform.
easy to maintain, reliable, available

Straightforward maintenance, reliable and available

  • Visual IDE makes everything easy to understand and interpret.
  • Check dependents and maintain your work with little effort.
schedual messages and activities

Schedule messages and activities

  • Schedule and manage service execution with ease.
  • Schedule messages and jobs from one central place.

Keep up with changing business needs quickly & easily

Save with SOA

Save with SOA

  • Cut the cost of delivering SOA up to 400% by speaking the same language as business, in addition to service bus maintenance and software development fees.
  • Build business applications quickly in a clear-cut SOA framework.
400 percent faster

Deploy in days, not months

  • Be in the market in a quarter of the time with a platform built to interoperate with your existing assets.
  • Deliver line of business apps 400% faster.
Two speed IT

Get ahead with two-speed IT

  • Differentiate your company with the benefits of two-speed IT.
  • Gain the competitive edge with easy customer-facing innovation and safely experiment with new concepts using this rapid prototyping platform.
Rapid prototyping

Rapid prototyping platform

  • The easiest way to prototype your software applications.
  • You can be agile with quick iterations and tight feedback loops.
  • Bring your prototypes to life with the click of a button and access cloud services in minutes.