System and Data Integration

Easily implement a comprehensive business solution by drawing together different data services and data repositories using Warewolf ESB. Warewolf provides an integration platform so you can easily move and manipulate data, in a simple drag and drop environment. Warewolf ESB has revolutionized how we handle integration, messaging, routing, and service co-ordination in the SOA framework.

Info World 2015 Awards BOSSIE. Winner : Best open source application

Easy to learn,
simple to use

Move away from complex integrations & systems

Turn the complication of integration into a simple, seamless process that is deployable across multiple systems in record time. The easiest service bus available, Warewolf ESB is fast-becoming the developer's choice and can be deployed by anyone, into any system, anywhere, anytime. In fact, you can now achieve in three months, what used to take you a year! Go on, try it for yourself. Warewolf ESB's easy-to-follow, intuitive, visual interface and interactive learning resources will get you up to speed… fast!

The experts choice

Reduce hardware costs by over 60%

Easily spin up a Warewolf VM in Microsoft Azure

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Get the source code from our GitHub Repository, and show off your skills. Anyone can do it, but it really helps if you can code in C# or have mad WPF skills.

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