Best feedback ever! Big UI changes coming to Warewolf Studio

Wow! There are some amazing people in the open source community who are contributing in ways better than we ever imagined. We know our UI is a bit clunky and not as intuitive as we want it, but truth be told we didn’t even know where to start. As developers, our strength lies in software development, not so much in making beautiful, slick user interfaces. UI is so subjective and everyone has an opinion on it, so we did our best and moved on to features.

While we have had mixed feedback on the current Warewolf Studio UI, none of it has been very specific or actionable… until now. The power of open source is the ability for anyone to contribute what they know in a way that everyone can benefit from it. This post, 8 ways to contribute to open source without writing code, will give you some ideas on how vast open source contribution can be, it’s pretty powerful stuff.

Back to UI. We got a message from one of our users (he wishes not to be named) to say he didn’t like our UI and has decided to redesign it, he’s something of a UI Nazi for frontends and couldn’t take it any longer. We can’t thank him enough for his contribution. His UI suggestions are absolutely beautiful and we think our users will be very happy with the new look!

Our current UI

Here is a screenshot of the current Studio – very functional, a little confusing at times, and not always user friendly.

Current Warewolf Studio UI

Proposed UI changes – Warewolf Studio

And of course what you have been waiting for – a sneak peek into some of the new UI suggestions and direction. You’ll have to wait till the new year before seeing it live, but here is a snapshot of where we are headed in the meantime:


New Warewolf  UI


The new Studio will look something like this – clean and beautiful.


New Warewolf Studio UI


It’s contributors like this that make the world a better place, seriously.

If you’d like to know more about what we’re doing, or are up for the challenge of contributing find us on GitHub.

We love this new look and feel. It’s fresh and clean. What do you think of the proposed UI? Any other suggestions?


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