Setting up a PostgreSQL database

Warewolf has a number of built-in Database Connectors. In this blog we will walk you through downloading and installing the PostgreSQL database and getting it set up and ready for integration with Warewolf. PostgreSQL is a powerful open source database system, which runs on all major operating systems. Follow this […]

Setting up MySQL for easy integration with Warewolf

Warewolf has many database connectors, which makes integrating with Warewolf effortless and efficient. In this blog we are going to bring you step by step instructions on how to download and setup MySQL for Warewolf. To Download and Install MySQL for Windows, the simplest and recommended method is to download […]

How to publish a VM in Azure

Publishing a VM in Azure is not as easy or simple as we had hoped. After much back and forth between marketing people, DevOps and a couple of our developers we finally got it right! The biggest component we never factored in was just how long it would take from […]

Implementing custom Windows Performance Counters in C#

Custom Windows performance counters enable us to capture, publish and analyse the performance data related to one or more applications or services running in the system or the system as a whole. This gives you real time statistics for the resource consumption in your system or application. The obvious benefit […]

Lookless control in Warewolf – Part 1

Creating a Lookless control can be beneficial to your application and saves time on having to create multiple controls over and over again. In this series we will look at what a Lookless control is and how we can use it in our application. Part 1 will start with basic […]