Setting up Microsoft SQL Server Express for Warewolf using stored procedures

Warewolf is exceptionally good at integration and system orchestration, with many pre-built database connectors at your fingertips. Connecting to these sources in just a few clicks improves your efficiency and speeds up your development processes.

To understand how efficient Warewolf is with connecting to these sources, we first need to set up a Database with a Stored Procedure, which we can connect to from Warewolf.

Following the Database Exercise in the Warewolf User Guide 2 , we have chosen to use Microsoft SQL Server Express 2008 and the AdventureWorks Database.  When downloading and setting up your Microsoft SQL Server Express there are many options to choose from, so to keep this simple we have created 8 easy steps to follow:

Setting up Microsoft SQL Server Express 2008

1. Click on this link:

2. Click on the Download Button.


Screenshot of Download MySQL Server Express


3. Select SQLEXPRAD_X86_ENU.exe and click Next.

MySQL Download 2

4. Save the File.

MySQL Download 3

5. Once the file has downloaded, follow the prompts in the Wizard to Install Microsoft SQL Server Express.

6. When the installation is complete, click on the Windows Start Button and double click on SQL Server Management Studio to launch your Microsoft SQL Server Express.

7. On Start-up, set the Server Type to Database Engine and add in your Server Name. This will be your PC Name\SQLEXPRESS. Authentication must be set to Windows Authentication. As seen in the image below.

 MySQL Download 4

8. Click Connect.

Loading the AdventureWorks Database / adding a database to Microsoft SQL Server Express.

Now that your Microsoft SQL Server Express is set up, you will need to load the AdventureWorks Database. We are using this AdventureWorks Database as an example but you would normally use the stored procedure that you are working with. Warewolf will then pull the data from this Database, manipulate it in anyway necessary, schedule an event or insert any logic and either send it back to its original source or integrate it with another database source. Follow the steps below to add the AdventureWorks database to Microsoft SQL Server Express.

1. Download the AdventureWorks Database from the link:

2. To add the AdventureWorks Database to Microsoft SQL Server Express you will need to right click on Databases and click on Attach.

 SQL Server - Attach

3. Click on Add.

SQL Server - ADD

4. You can now select the AdventureWorks 2008_Database and expand this folder. Select the mdf file and then click on OK.

SQL Server - AdventureWorks2008

5. Once the AdventureWorks Database has been selected click OK again.

SQL Server - AdventureWorks2008 added

The AdventureWorks Database will now be stored in your Databases Folder in the Object Explorer on the top left of your screen.

Your Database is now set up and ready to integrate with Warewolf. Read the Knowledge Base Article on Using Stored Procedures for more information on how to connect to a database inside Warewolf.

You’re now ready to try the exercise in the Warewolf User Guide 2: The Database Source.

Reach out to us in the Community if you have any questions or need any help!

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