Excitement builds as Warewolf lays the foundation for Web Integration in Version 2

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The Warewolf team has spent a great amount of time and effort enhancing Warewolf and introducing some awesome new features, improving functionality, security and usability.

Let’s look at some of the significant leaps forward:

  •  Upgraded Security – Introduced a safer studio environment and improved studio to server security protocols.
  • Improved toolbox responsiveness and added filter tags so you can easily find the perfect tool for the job.
  • Drag & Drop functionality in the Explorer and improved performance, allowing you to reuse your services by dragging them onto the design surface and positioning them into the workflow correctly.
  • Introduced the Test Engine – Effectively for fine grain testing of your resources and services
  • Simplified the database source creation process – making it easier and quicker to connect to 3rd party databases, it also unclutters the tool bar.
  • Massive server to server architecture improvements.
  • 5 x Faster improvement when performing large deploys.

By keeping things simple, we are making Warewolf as user friendly and easy to use as possible.

In Version 2, we introduce an awesome new feature and the foundation for the Warewolf User Portal, and Web Integration. In time, the user will be able to login, register servers and see the status of executions and more.

The first feature we have added to the Warewolf User Portal is Execution Logging.

Execution Logging, designed specifically for DevOps and Developers, allows the user to easily filter through thousands of events in the server logfile. By searching for the event in the filter, the user can search by server, user, execution time, execution start date, execution completed date, success or error. Furthermore, you can see the result of an execution and re-run an execution using the same parameter values.  See the Execution Logging Article in the Knowledge Base to learn how to use this feature.

Enabling Business

In the extremely volatile business environment and fast paced world, it is important that we can quickly respond to changes. This new feature and what lies ahead for Warewolf users enables developers to troubleshoot much more effectively without wasting time sifting through server log files.

Identifying the problem quicker, the developer can spend more time adding value and creating solutions.

You can download Warewolf Version 2 from here.


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