Merging low-code workflows: is this a world first?

Merging low-code Worfklows in Warewolf

Ever heard of merging low-code workflows?

So we all know that developers using tools like Visual Studio can merge their work when there are multiple versions or more than one developer working on a system. That’s old news. But what about merging your work in a low-code,  flow-based programming environment?

We can’t find any evidence to suggest that anyone has cracked this: Visually merging your service workflows… until now. Yes, merging low-code workflows inside Warewolf is now possible.

In the latest release of Warewolf, you can now merge your services incredibly easily! Based on the underlying version control system Git, developers can now work simultaneously on the same workflow service inside the Warewolf Studio and merge their changes visually – a world first!

Here’s what this ground-breaking feature means for you:

  • Multiple developers can work on the same workflow adding value according to their own knowledge and understanding. And it’s correctly version controlled, so there will be no mixing up of old and new work.
  • Conflicts can easily be seen and you can instantly view changes as you make them.
  • Working in teams or pairing has never been easier. You no longer have to create a new workflow to merge two others, saving you time. There’s nothing else out there can do this, other than manually recreating a merged workflow – a frustrating and error-prone process.
  • Developers can be globally located working on the same logic and processes, connecting remotely to other Warewolf servers.
  • It’s quick and easy to use – at a business level this means that developing with Warewolf is now even faster than before – especially when it comes to making changes and maintaining systems over time.

Watch the video on Merging Workflows to learn how easy it is to merge your workflows in Warewolf.

We’d love to hear how this feature has changed your world, drop us a line below!


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