Warewolf brings the power of its microservices to the Microsoft Azure cloud platform

Creating and testing microservices in the cloud is a breeze with the Warewolf VM in Microsoft Azure.

June 2016, Dublin, Ireland. Warewolf is proud to announce its Version 1 release on the Microsoft Azure Marketplace. This visual- and flow-based development environment lets users create microservices with the minimum of fuss and even experience, all inside the robust Microsoft Azure cloud platform.

Modern companies must respond quickly if they plan to keep an edge over their competition. This mantra cannot be understated in the world of application development, where businesses define their advantage through customising software to their needs.

But such customisation also leads to lock-in, making it hard to migrate services to new platforms, especially where monolithic, centralised applications that do many things are concerned. In recent years microservices have risen as a solution to this problem: each built to deliver on a specific task, microservices are agnostic and modular, thus easily integrating with other services without becoming a morass of immovable applications.

“The truth is that legacy applications are not keeping up,” said Barney Buchan, CEO of Dev2, the company contracted to develop Warewolf. “You can’t put a combustion engine on a horse cart and expect it to perform like an automobile would. That simply doesn’t work.”

But coding microservices in a traditional manner is cumbersome, taking up much of a company’s technology resources – especially in DevOps environments. This does not allow much room for experimentation and ‘fail fast’ methodology.

Warewolf was developed to offer a far better and faster road for microservice testing and deployment. It uses a combination of proprietary and open source technologies, honed through an extensive beta period, to deliver intuitive microservice development. Simply drag and drop different functions to create the sequence for a microservice, then call it over HTTP/S.  Warewolf covers the gamut of modern programming standards – from C# to DLLs and SQL – without agonising over every single line of code. Thanks to the improved UI and studio interface, Warewolf users report turnaround times up to 400 percent faster than regular software programming: what used to take a week can now be done in a day or even mere hours. Each microservice can also automatically deploy its own API, making integration with other applications possible.

“Microservices are an important aspect of modern cloud-based development,” said Andrea Carl, Director, Commercial Communications, Microsoft Corp. “By offering Warewolf’s microservice testing and deployment solution on the Azure Marketplace, we are helping to extend the modern benefits of microservices using the power and scale of the global Azure platform.”

Azure customers can explore the benefits of Warewolf, which is available in the Azure Marketplace risk-free as a 30-day trial. Microservices can be built and tested from anywhere on Azure virtual machines, then easily integrated with existing applications on the Azure platform.

Warewolf aims to establish a new standard for ease and accessibility to microservices, the revolution of modern application development and customisation. Tap the true potential of your cloud services investment today by experiencing the difference Warewolf makes to your unique application environment.


Warewolf is a unique open source software and incredibly easy to use, and completely visually based. It makes developers lives very easy, for building of line of business apps, easy integration and microservices can be embedded, meaning they are completely reusable. This unique tool makes it very easy to build sophisticated applications in a visual, drag and drop environment.

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