Build mobile apps in 7 easy steps using Warewolf

I recently built a number of mobile apps for around the office and home. Simple apps like Track and Issue Curry Fines, Morning Appreciation at the office and a List and Content Manager to replace our home white board.

It was so easy I had to write about it.  I used for the mobile app front end and Warewolf for the back end and processing.

I like using Appery for UI because I don’t have to think much and it just works. It’s also easy to publish your app to HTML5 on their platform.  I like to use Warewolf because it’s incredibly simple as well but it is ridiculously powerful. Application logic and data access is a breeze and it’s automatically available as a web service so no time spent on publishing and messy loose ends.

You may be wondering why I didn’t build everything in Appery? I believe core logic and processing should sit in an like Warewolf. It enables you to reuse your core application in any environment and allows you to scale correctly. We can build a desktop version or native iOS version or any other version of these apps without touching the core logic and processing, that’s awesome.

Get the Warewolf services for these apps (LegendLists, AFineApp, AppreciApp) in the free Warewolf Shared Resources Server.

Here’s the process I went through to build each mobile app in 7 easy steps:

  1. Drag and drop components to make the UI on
  2. Build and Test the Services I want to use on Warewolf
  3. Deploy these services to an external server. (We use Azure which is really easy to set up)
  4. In Appery set up the calls to the Warewolf Services
  5. Map the data in and out of these service calls in Appery
  6. Test the application
  7. Publish the application

Aside from setting things up like a new Appery account and Azure, you can easily build powerful mobile apps in a few hours. If you already have your services in Warewolf, turning them into a mobile app that works across iOS, Android and Windows phone should be less than 30 minutes for 2 or 3 screens worth of complexity.

Happy apping.



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