Performance improvements in the latest release: V1.3.0.96

Performance increase in Warewolf latest release


After the awesome introduction of the Testing Framework, we turned our focus back to the performance of Warewolf and some other UX improvements which we got feedback on. (As an aside note, you can always leave your comments, questions and issues in the Community Forum – we love hearing from you!)

Studio Performance Improvement

We had some feedback about the Studio being a bit laggy at times. We know how frustrating this is when you just want to get on with your work. In this latest release we have seen some super performance improvements. Opening workflows or switching between tabs in the Studio is now over 200% faster.

Start Node Context Menu

In a recent round of UX testing that we ran, we were surprised by how many people wanted to click the green start node. It’s really cool to see how people interact with Warewolf for the first time, an invaluable source of user experience feedback to keep improving.

We decided to give the start node its very own context menu!

By right clicking on the green start node you now have options to Debug or Schedule your service, and much more.

Warewolf start node menu

We’d love your feedback on this latest release, please leave your comments below or visit us in the Community Forum.


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