Warewolf Studio rewrite update and what’s in the latest release

Studio rewrite update:

For those of you who have been keeping up with us on GitHub you’ll see were making some great progress on the Studio rewrite. If you’d like to take a look under the hood get the development branch, but for everything else please use the compiled version on our website or the stable build from GitHub.

What’s in the latest release:

We’ve done an interim release which is effectively a bundle of hotfixes we’ve been doing for our customers and users as they’ve needed them.

More specifically:

  • Reducing the handle count and hard faults
  • We’ve put a caching mechanism in to solve this which has given us an awesome 10x speed improvement in spinning up new executions
  • Bug fix for the For Each tool that was causing data to map incorrectly in certain situations


If you’d like to see the Studio rewrite happening faster, we’d love your input! Make your first pull request or log an issue in GitHub, the more the merrier.


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