Warewolf AMI in the AWS Marketplace

Warewolf AMI in AWS Marketplace

We’re happy to announce the availability of a Warewolf AMI through the Amazon Web Services Marketplace.

After the success of a Warewolf VM through the Azure Marketplace we decided to make the same available to our customers who prefer AWS. After a fairly lengthy process, and input from the super helpful AWS team, Warewolf is now available in the AWS Marketplace.

You can choose either the Developer or Enterprise package. You can select from varying instance types to suit your needs. After your 30-day free trial, billing is done hourly or yearly and starts at just $0.124 per hour for a t2.micro instance (including EC2 charges).

Warewolf HVM Amazon web services

Once the instance is running, get a password by right clicking the instance in the EC2 console and selecting “Get Windows Password”. Once you have a password, connect to it using a Remote Desktop Connection (RDP) by right clicking the instance in the EC2 console and selecting “Connect”.

Once connected you will see a blue PowerShell window running the setup. Once Warewolf is set up it will launch automatically. You can also find the Warewolf icon on the desktop.

You’ll love the deployment speed, security, performance and flexibility of AWS. Couple that with the data and systems integration and orchestration from Warewolf and you’ve got a win and a place!

Reach out to us in the Community if you’ve got any questions along the way.


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