Warewolf is great for business analysts too

Part of Warewolf’s attraction is the ease of use in designing logic flows. In our experience, a day’s basic training and about a week of using Warewolf is enough to get a user proficient with the product. The good news is that this does not only apply to developers, but to Business Analysts and Systems Architects too.

Development tools have become complex

Over the last 15 years, the software development life cycle  in its various guises has become a highly complex and technical process.  Getting some development done properly is a long and drawn out process; the actual development process had become highly technical and abstract. The tools and languages are evolving at a tremendous pace, and this only compounds the problem because developers who work on existing systems are torn between two, three or sometimes even four different technological generations of achieving the same ends.

The complexity in software has created the need to separate the business analysis from the actual development process. In many organisations this has created a huge gap between the actual process of business analysis and software development.

Business Analysts need to explore ideas too

Business analysts are most often at the coal face of what businesses need, and they spend their time translating their requirements into documentation that software developers can understand and interpret. Along with the complexity, visual tools like Microsoft Visio have emerged to help Business Analysts to logically develop and describe the systems requirements. These tools have been a great help, but they still do not enable a Business Analysts to be able to model actual processes properly.

Modelling test cases

Enter Warewolf. Warewolf is the next evolution in process prototyping. Warewolf provides a set of over 40 pre-built logic tools. Its code free development environment  enables Business Analysts to rapidly model runnable prototypes.  In our experience, if a Business Analyst can use MS Visio, they can very quickly pick up how Warewolf works.

Model based testing , especially when it comes to business rules, is an invaluable process. Warewolf makes it very simple for a Business Analyst to model a parameter driven business rule until it achieves the desired outcome.  More importantly, Warewolf enables Business Analyst to work side by side in real time with the business experts to help to design these rules.

This breakthrough by Warewolf in business process design removes an entire layer of complexity from the Software Development Lifecycle. On top of that, it also removes an entire layer of complexity where errors can creep into software development during the translation from specification to code and execution.

The cherry on the cake: Dramatically improved lead times

The Cherry on the cake is that the executable test models developed by the Business Analyst s in conjunction with expert business users are both readable and executable. So developing these test cases into production code is a very short step, shortening the lead time dramatically.

Life is too short to be wasted on unneeded complexity, so we invite all Business Analysts to download Warewolf for free and try it out for themselves.


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