The perfect Warewolf use case?

We’ve been working with various companies to develop our Case Study library. During our journey, the real scope of Warewolf has become clearer and clearer; all the things it can do exceptionally well, what it does well and also what it can do, but maybe not as efficiently as something else.

It looks something like this, with the best Warewolf use case in the middle, in orange, excellent use cases of Warewolf in white, and good use cases in the grey section.

Warewolf use case, data and systems integration and orchestration


If we drill down and really define the ultimate Warewolf use case, it clearly sits in the data and systems integration space. We’ll go as far as saying that because it’s so good at data and system integration, as well as data orchestration, that no one else can do what Warewolf does, so quickly.

Furthermore, Warewolf is not locked into any specific technology, like SQL or MySQL. Database connectors are easy to swap and the choices of prebuilt connectors are abundant.

The ideal Warewolf Use Case

So this puts Warewolf at the top of the list when your solutions need:

  • Integrations with another company
  • Data transformation and manipulation services
  • Data and system integration and orchestration

In these cases, Warewolf would sit in the middle, and handle the manipulation and orchestration between the systems.


If you’d like further information and advice on how you can use Warewolf to solve your integration challenges, reach out to us – we’ll help you get the best solution in place.



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