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Wouldn't it be great to empower software developers and business to get out of the noise generated by complex, time-consuming integrations and to be able to focus on the big picture?

Most service buses are difficult to understand and complicated to use. What's more, software development is slow, Business and IT don't speak the same language and data and systems integration just takes too long.

We got tired of this landscape and decided to change it. We want to free developers from slow and complex systems and empower them to see the big picture and create better software, faster and easier. We want to enable business to be agile and innovative through powerful systems.

Warewolf Ltd was founded in Dublin, Ireland in 2011. After nearly three years of agile software development we decided to open the code base. Warewolf became an open source application in October 2014. Read more about our Open Source move.

Today Warewolf is used by multiple teams worldwide, and has become the obvious choice for companies that want to increase their speed of IT delivery and time to market. In the 2015 InfoWorld Bossie Awards, Warewolf was selected as one of the best open source applications of 2015.

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30 Botanic Avenue
Dublin, Dublin 9

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