A quick guide to installing Oracle 11g Express Edition

Warewolf connects to a number of Databases, like Oracle databases, which simplifies your integration processes. We noticed that some of these databases are pretty straight forward and easy to set up, while others take much more time and effort. The Oracle Database 11g Express Edition took 3 hours to download […]

The Quiet Revolution of Visual Automation

This article was originally published on the Tech Financials website in May 2017. The original post can be found here. Visual automation tools are not the future – they are already being used to create the future. It’s a quiet revolution that every company should know about. When Chris Mulder, […]

Setting up a PostgreSQL Database

Warewolf has a number of built-in Database Connectors. In this blog we will walk you through downloading and installing the PostgreSQL database and getting it set up and ready for integration with Warewolf. PostgreSQL is a powerful open source database system, which runs on all major operating systems. Follow this […]

Setting up MySQL for easy Integration with Warewolf

Warewolf has many database connectors, which makes integrating with Warewolf effortless and efficient. In this blog we are going to bring you step by step instructions on how to download and setup MySQL for Warewolf. To Download and Install MySQL for Windows, the simplest and recommended method is to download […]

The perfect Warewolf Use Case?

We’ve been working with various companies to develop our Case Study library. During our journey, the real scope of Warewolf has become clearer and clearer; all the things it can do exceptionally well, what it does well and also what it can do, but maybe not as efficiently as something […]

Warewolf AMI in the AWS Marketplace

We’re happy to announce the availability of a Warewolf AMI through the Amazon Web Services Marketplace. After the success of a Warewolf VM through the Azure Marketplace we decided to make the same available to our customers who prefer AWS. After a fairly lengthy process, and input from the super […]