Why is Warewolf a great tool for your Business?

Warewolf gives you and your business the agility to adapt to fast-paced external forces. You can take your learning and put it forward as you improve business processes and reach your customers more effectively. By speeding up your entire SDLC by 400% (and more in some cases), companies can get […]

No Time to Wait for Antiquated Technology

Using conventional thinking, technology and software development methodologies is just no longer an option for forward thinking and innovative companies who are successfully staying at the cutting edge. According to Daniel Newman, contributor at Forbes, “IT departments are experiencing tremendous changes as their roles expand to impact customer service, sales, […]

It’s been an action packed year for Warewolf and more exciting features are in store for 2018!

2017 has been an exciting year for Warewolf! We’ve made many significant improvements, released Version 2 along with some awesome new features, plus we’ve had the opportunity to work directly with The Unlimited on some exciting solutions. Improving Warewolf’s performance and stability is always top priority and we’re always looking […]

Warewolf adds R8.3m to The Unlimited’s bottom line

This article was published in the Business Review section of The Star, Mercury, Pretoria News and Cape Times newspapers on 30 August 2017.   Durban-based software development company Dev2 has helped The Unlimited realise an additional R8.3 million over three years to its bottom line through a quick call centre process […]

The Quiet Revolution of Visual Automation

This article was originally published on the Tech Financials website in May 2017. The original post can be found here. Visual automation tools are not the future – they are already being used to create the future. It’s a quiet revolution that every company should know about. When Chris Mulder, […]

Setting up a PostgreSQL Database

Warewolf has a number of built-in Database Connectors. In this blog we will walk you through downloading and installing the PostgreSQL database and getting it set up and ready for integration with Warewolf. PostgreSQL is a powerful open source database system, which runs on all major operating systems. Follow this […]