Implementing custom Windows Performance Counters in C#

Custom Windows performance counters enable us to capture, publish and analyse the performance data related to one or more applications or services running in the system or the system as a whole. This gives you real time statistics for the resource consumption in your system or application. The obvious benefit […]

Lookless controls in Warewolf – Part 2

Looking back at Part 1 of this series, we discussed the basics of creating a “Lookless” control and how the UI interacts with the EditableCustomControl. We discussed creating controls using Dependency Properties and how to customize the class and make it work in the UI. Here we will build a […]

Lookless control in Warewolf – Part 1

Creating a Lookless control can be beneficial to your application and saves time on having to create multiple controls over and over again. In this series we will look at what a Lookless control is and how we can use it in our application. Part 1 will start with basic […]

2015 Year in review – Warewolf

2015 has been an absolute highlight in the progress of Warewolf! We gave away tons of exclusive Warewolf T-shirts to the awesome people in the community who have helped with everything from open source dev to feedback on UX. Contact us if you would like to get in on this […]