Warewolf V1 Release Candidate

You may have heard the rumblings about the upcoming, official Version 1 of Warewolf. The rumors are true! Warewolf V1 is just around the corner and lucky for you, you don’t need to wait to get a sneak preview of what it will hold!

We received an awesome response after privately releasing the Warewolf V1 Release Candidate (RC) to our existing users, and decided to make this release publicly available. If you haven’t already, feel free to download the V1 RC directly off our website or simply contact us and we’ll send you the link.

What’s in the Warewolf Release Candidate?

The biggest change you will notice is the complete redesign of the Studio. Out with the old and a little clunky, in with the new, beautiful and easy! The new Studio is much more responsive and intuitive.

Warewolf new studio V1 release candidate

To make your life easier, we have super simplified how you connect to sources:

You’ll also notice a lot of contextual help as you navigate around the Studio, look out for the “What does this do” box in the bottom left which gives you super insight and practical help text as you’re building your microservices. Simply click on any field or drop down in the Studio and you’ll get specific help and instructions.

What does this do in Warewolf

New tools in V1 Release Candidate

While we can’t give you the complete list of all the new tools and connectors coming for Version 1, we have included some new ones into the release candidate. The full list of tools and connectors, and what they do, can be found in the Knowledge Base, but here are the juicy ones:

  • Reintroduction of the Dropbox tools
  • Microsoft Exchange connector
  • MySQL Database connector
  • SQL Bulk Insert and
  • SQL Server Database connector

And of course the release candidate still comes with our old favourites: the SharePoint List Item tools to add, delete, read and update an entry to a SharePoint list. They also work with SharePoint online.

User guides

This one is long overdue! We have put together two, very comprehensive user guides on how to use Warewolf. Both of the documents are easy to follow with step by step instructions with screenshots and help text.

These are available to you absolutely free! You can download them, share them, view them in your browser, print them, sleep with them under your pillow: how you use them is up to you, but we really recommend that you do! By far the fastest way to becoming a Warewolf Pro.

Get them here:

Of course, nothing can replace person to person support, if you have any specific questions we’re always here. Contact us via the Community Forum or directly through our website.

Release notes and breaking changes

On a final notes, please be aware that you may experience some breaking changes if you’re migrating from an older version of Warewolf. We’ve documented them here in the Release Notes.

We’d love to hear your feedback on this preview – what you like and what you love! Please share in the Community or the comments below.

Download here – free until the Version 1 release.




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