Release notes

We've been working hard on a NEW & IMPROVED version!

Latest version:


  • Added a new Advanced Recordset tool. Learn more about what you can do with the tool here.
  • Resolved Studio lock when merging workflows.
  • Resolved an issue that caused the Studio to occasionally hang.
  • Added a timeout option to the Database tools.
  • Fixed an issue with the Debug for a ForEach when part of a manual loop.
  • Fixed and added new examples – find them in the Examples folder in the Explorer.
  • Implemented an execution logging DB (SQLite). All executions with all relevant details are logged to this DB. Please note: If you are running on a server that performs a lot of executions, we suggest that you move the DB file to a hard drive with lots of space as this file can get quite large.
  • now uses the new execution logging database as the source for the log data.
  • Assign Object tool now respects recordset notation (this would previously error and create the wrong object structure).
  • Resolved an issue with the File tools where overwrite was required.
  • Added an introduction video to the installer for new installs.
  • Fixed an issue with the installer that would cause it to fail due to a Windows Group Error.

Previous versions


  • New search feature in the Studio allows users to search for workflows by name, variables and even tools.
  • Changed the Warewolf file extension to .bite - double click a resource with this extension and it will open in the Studio. Please note: .bite files are not supported by previous Warewolf versions.
  • Implementation of the Merge feature allows multiple developers to work on the same workflow. Learn more about merging workflows here.
  • Fixed a bug with the SQL Server database tool, to allow it to correctly return XML if that is what the Stored Procedure returns as Output.
  • Fixed a UI issue where placeholder text in some tools was not appearing or incorrectly disappearing.
  • Fixed a bug with looped execution that could sometimes cause recordsets to become fragmented.
  • Fixed a bug with the Data Split tool, when splitting on New Line with "skip blank rows" turned on, a string with only new lines would return an error.
  • The Output window is now visible on the Scheduler screen.
  • Improved the capacity of the Data Split tool when dealing with large data.
  • Fixed an issue where the content in the Body field of the email tools were losing the new line.
  • Fixed some inconsistencies with Test Execution and Test Results.
  • When creating a new Web Source, a default prefix of http:// is added to the address if it does not contain a prefix.
  • Various other bug fixes and minor tweaks.


  • Introduction of Execution Logging. This allows much easier viewing of the Warewolf Server log and dramatically improves troubleshooting.
  • Fixed the "Report Error to Community" bug on the Exception Viewer dialogue.
  • Resolved a bug with the small view of the Database tools where the procedure name was not being displayed.
  • Resolved a bug with the Switch tool where a cached value would be executed when the default arm was removed.
  • Web Request tools that have a body (PUT, POST) now infer the content type based on the body value.
  • Resolved a bug that caused the help text to change when clicking twice in the same textbox.
  • Refreshing the Explorer now correctly adds any server sources, that may have been pasted into the Resources folder, to the connect control.
  • Fixed a bug where the Databases drop down box would be shown even if Test Connection fails.
  • Fixed a bug with Rollback, Delete and make Current version that caused the incorrect workflow to go to the wrong folder.
  • Closing the Studio will now prompt to save tabs with changes.
  • Resolved a bug where the Server would accept execution requests before all services were loaded.
  • Fixed a bug with the Execution Manager that would on occasion cause the Server to lock up.


  • Test Editor bugs fixed.
  • 5x faster performance improvement when performing large deploys.
  • Resolved Deploy bugs with refreshing.
  • Resolved an issue with the Web Tools where if the same variable was used in two parts of the tool it would show up twice when generating outputs.
  • Fixed an issue with the Select and Apply tool where changes to the small view were not persisted.
  • Resolved an issue with the Database tools where mapping could be reset when the large view was opened.
  • Improved the Replace tool to allow [[ as a replacement character.


  • Assign Object can now allow for top-level object assignment.
  • Fixed a Scheduler issue that stopped existing workflows from being executed.
  • Log file data has been upgraded to display Time, Status, URL, Result and User.
  • Star notation for Assign Object has been normalised .
  • Resolved an issue with tools not being highlighted when Debugging.
  • To prevent confusion, JSON Array and Object variables can no longer share the same name.
  • JSON Arrays now showing correctly as workflow.
  • Database Sources using Windows Authorization now correctly passes the Studio user when creating the source.
  • Now able to Assign straight to an object from the Rabbit Consume tool as a convenience when the message returned is JSON.
  • SQL Connector tools now correctly populate outputs when there is only one column returned.
  • Service Test now properly populates Object variables that are outputs.
  • Various UI and irritating bugs fixed.

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