Release notes

We've been working hard on a NEW & IMPROVED version!

Latest version:


  • Huge performance gain of nested execution.
  • Massive Server to Server architecture improvements, paving the way for ZeroMQ communication.
  • Re-architecture of Studio and Server communication for big performance gains at design time.
  • UI enhancements.
  • Faster tab opening.
  • Allowed Headers to have sub parameters in the Web Services tools.
  • Resolved Sources not being selected correctly in Deploy Select Dependencies.
  • Better help text on toolbox and various areas of the Studio.
  • Simplified the Database Source screens.
  • Resolved the deleting of nested dependencies when filtered in the Explorer.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the Save button to disable when needed.
  • Resolved an issue causing some tests to fail when run in the browser.
  • Resolved a long load time issue when databases have over 100 stored procedures.
  • Resolved an issue that could cause Null reference on an empty RabbitMQ queue.

Previous versions


  • Simplified the database source creation process.
  • Improved Explorer performance.
  • Minor UI improvements.
  • Squashed a number of bugs.
  • Massive stability drive for the fastest, most stable release to date.



  • Added the ability to Mock steps inside tests and unit based testing of services.
  • Ability to create a fine-grained test of a service from the click of a button in the debug output.
  • More detailed error messages in Debug Output for Test Framework.
  • Better support for NULL in Decision and Recordset tools.
  • Split the scripting tools into their own tool for better extensibility.
  • Sped up debugging to be more realistic for real time execution.
  • Added a context menu to the Start node for easy actions (thanks for all the feedback).
  • Upgraded the Explorer for better usability.
  • Sped up the Studio design time experience.
  • Upgraded the Studio to Server security protocols.



  • Performance improvements in the Studio, specifically relating to tabs.
  • Various bug fixes.
  • Added a context menu to the Start node.
  • System readiness for massive Testing Framework upgrade.



  • Hotfix. Resolved issue where new installs were getting an error message when executing from a Browser. Only relevant to new installs of V1.2.0.1. Upgrades do not need the hotfix.



  • Test Engine. Services can now be tested from inside Warewolf using the Test Framework.
  • Upgraded Debug output for Decision tool.
  • Bug fixes.



  • New Select and Apply tool allows updates to any data type in one functional step.
  • New COM DLL connector allows you to connect to old COM resources.
  • Complex objects can now be passed into a service using JSON.
  • Oracle, PostgreSQL and ODBC connectors upgraded and fully functional.
  • Script tools now allow for includes e.g. Node.js .
  • Script tool allows for escaping characters in variables with a single check box.
  • The Explorer now supports drag and drop to move resources as well as duplicating resources.
  • It’s now much easier to use Resource screens like Explorer and Resource picker.
  • The Toolbox is much more responsive and the filter supports tag search.
  • You can now view Swagger and APIs.json information directly from the Explorer context menu.
  • Upgraded security aspects for a safer Studio environment.
  • Bug fixes.



  • Object support.
  • Oracle database connector: Use the Oracle tool to execute against any Oracle database.
  • Select & Apply tool: Use the Select & Apply tool to update Recordset and Object data without having to map the data out first.
  • Assign Object tool: Use the Assign Object tool to manipulate Object data.
  • RabbitMQ Publish: Use the Rabbit MQ Publish tool to publish messages to a Rabbit MQ queue.
  • RabbitMQ Read: Use the Rabbit MQ Read tool to read messages off a Rabbit MQ server’s queue.
  • PostgreSQL database connector: Use the PostgreSQL tool to execute against any PostgreSQL database.

Breaking Changes

  • Please note that all previous versions of Warewolf are no longer supported. You can get community help for any issues via the Community Forum. If you get stuck with something critical during the upgrade, we recommend you get licensed to get professional support.


Version 1 Release Candidate:


  • New UI layout and design.
  • Dropbox tools re-introduced.
  • Performance counters.
  • New centralised help area provides richer content to the user.

Breaking Changes

  • No longer support connecting to servers older than V1 (pre-V1).
  • We have migrated all DB, Web and Plugin services to new tools that have the same functionality. Please ensure that your services correctly migrated.
  • We have split the Calculate tool into an Aggregate Calculate tool and Calculate tool. Current Calculate tools that are being used to aggregate all values in a recordset will now report the wrong result, please change these to the Aggregate Calculate tool instead.
  • Dropbox sources will need to be opened and re-saved as the API has changed and the information in them is no longer valid. The user will now be responsible for creating an app in Dropbox for use by Warewolf.
  • Complex expressions using recordset star notation do not evaluate to a CSV any more, these will now be expressed as concatenation per row instead.


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