Lookless control in Warewolf – Part 1

Creating a Lookless control can be beneficial to your application and saves time on having to create multiple controls over and over again. In this series we will look at what a Lookless control is and how we can use it in our application. Part 1 will start with basic […]

2015 Year in review – Warewolf

2015 has been an absolute highlight in the progress of Warewolf! We gave away tons of exclusive Warewolf T-shirts to the awesome people in the community who have helped with everything from open source dev to feedback on UX. Contact us if you would like to get in on this […]

Artefact sharing for efficient CI

Introduction This blog post is the third in a series of posts on build rig architecture. The first one was a video about getting up and running with a Warewolf powered build rig in 3 easy steps, using 35 Warewolf workflows I had just published to our Shared Resources Server – […]

Warewolf on Azure

  We are pleased to announce that you can now easily spin up your own Warewolf Virtual Machines on the Microsoft Azure platform. Warewolf on Azure gives you the power to produce highly scalable services within minutes. On-Demand Resources in Azure With Windows Azure, you can now scale your Warewolf Server […]

Why we test using SpecFlow

For those not familiar with using SpecFlow, it is an open source .Net tool which is based on the Gherkin syntax using plain English text format. It is used to express user stories and their expectations in a behavior-driven development (BDD) environment. Even though SpecFlow was inspired by the Cucumber framework, […]

Extending SharePoint with the Warewolf Event Receiver

To complement our SharePoint 2013 tools in Warewolf, we have created a SharePoint feature called the Warewolf Event Receiver. The Warewolf Event receiver is installed in your SharePoint infrastructure as an administrative feature. It enables you to bind Warewolf services to any or all of the events associated with a […]