Warewolf Review

This Warewolf Review was originally published on LinkedIn by Robin Perdomo. This document contains a general review of Warewolf software. I put myself in the place of someone trying to choose an integration tool, and took into account many different aspects that I have found important based on my experiences as an […]

Warewolf testing framework in the latest release

We’re pretty excited to announce the biggest update since our V1 release: the Warewolf Testing Framework. Using Version  you can now test your services from right inside Warewolf! Warewolf provides a robust testing framework for fine grain testing of your resources. To maximize the value of your work and the […]

How to publish a VM in Azure

Publishing a VM in Azure is not as easy or simple as we had hoped. After much back and forth between marketing people, DevOps and a couple of our developers we finally got it right! The biggest component we never factored in was just how long it would take from […]

Warewolf Version 1 is here!

  Warewolf Version 1 is finally here… it’s been a long, hard, fun journey to get to this point. We are proud to introduce Warewolf to the world: Version 1 is our first real attempt at sticking our necks out and sharing what we have done with the early adopters, […]

Warewolf V1 Release Candidate

You may have heard the rumblings about the upcoming, official Version 1 of Warewolf. The rumors are true! Warewolf V1 is just around the corner and lucky for you, you don’t need to wait to get a sneak preview of what it will hold! We received an awesome response after […]