Reflections on 2016 and looking ahead

looking ahead


As 2016 draws to a close it’s always great to reflect on the year as well as a time for looking ahead.

This year has not been without it’s challenges, but on the whole there have been more highs than lows which is the most we can ask for!

Some highlights from 2016

By far our biggest achievement of the year was the launch of Version 1. We made some rather radical changes to the Studio and introduced a stack of new third party connectors and scripting tools which just make systems integration so much easier and faster.

Warewolf got accepted by Microsoft to be published in the Azure Marketplace – so you’re literally able to spin up a VM from anywhere and get going with Warewolf in the cloud.

We got some great reviews (like this one on LinkedIn and this one on Code Project) and got awards for great user experience.

In the latter half of the year we started building our repository of case studies with some of our customers, and have been delighted at the results: Warewolf is consistently proving to be 400% faster to develop with versus traditional software programming languages. (On that note, if you’d like to be part of a case study with us, get in touch!)

Looking ahead

The top three items coming your way:

  1. Monitoring – exposing the current Perfmon counters and more into real time reporting.
  2. Continued enhancements to the Test Framework to make it easier for DevOps.
  3. A big upgrade to server-to-server comms for much faster distributed server communications.

Plus we’ll continue adding UI and UX improvements – we’re constantly running user experience tests to remove as many barriers to learning and annoyances as possible. You can expect to see small things like richer help and tooltip text, and big things like contextual tours of the Studio.

More third party connectors – we’ve typically been adding them on request from our customers and users. If you’ve got any suggestions on UX or connectors we’d love to hear about them! Drop us a comment in the Community Forum.


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