Warewolf Version 1 is here!


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Warewolf Version 1 is finally here… it’s been a long, hard, fun journey to get to this point. We are proud to introduce Warewolf to the world: Version 1 is our first real attempt at sticking our necks out and sharing what we have done with the early adopters, technology lovers and passionate software developers of the world!

Warewolf allows developers to use a visual, flow-based, drag and drop environment to design and create microservices, and then call those microservices from directly within their applications. The end result is months of programming accomplished in days and a total revolution in how we think about and use the SOA framework.

The beauty of Warewolf is that it doesn’t require you to learn anything new. If you’ve used a drag and drop design tool, then you’ll feel right at home with Warewolf. Complex integrations and systems are now as easy to create as a flow chart.

What’s new in Version 1?

Our release candidate came with some of the big changes like the beautiful new Studio, a taste of some of the new tools and connectors, plus the long-overdue user guides (these are awesome!). The upgrade to Version 1 gives our customers access to a whole bunch of additional tools and connectors, including:

  • Object support
  • Oracle database connector: Use the Oracle tool to execute against any Oracle database.
  • Select & Apply tool: Use the Select & Apply tool to update Recordset and Object data without having to map the data out first
  • Assign Object tool: Use the Assign Object tool to manipulate Object data.
  • RabbitMQ Publish: Use the Rabbit MQ Publish tool to publish messages to a Rabbit MQ queue.
  • RabbitMQ Consume: Use the Rabbit MQ Read tool to read messages off a Rabbit MQ server’s queue.
  • PostgreSQL database connector: Use the PostgreSQL tool to execute against any PostgreSQL database. 

Is Warewolf still free?

You can use the core, free aspect of Warewolf for as long as you like. Simply compile from source and enjoy!

If you want access to all the new tools, upgrades to the latest version and professional support, you still get 30-days free. Similarly, you get a 30-day free trial if you spin up a Warewolf VM from the Azure Marketplace.

But here’s the catch: we’re running all our billing (for the compiled version downloadable from our website) completely on an honesty system. The truth is we won’t hunt you down if you choose to keep using Warewolf for free.

We’re relying completely on your honesty when it comes to the licensing. We’d rather put our energy into making Warewolf better than chasing after licenses. That’s why we are counting on you to help support us by getting your cores licensed so we can continue to bring you all the good stuff from Warewolf.

With a paid license subscription, you get continued, professional support as well as access to upcoming new tools and connectors (and as a licensed client, you have a say over what we develop next).

Check out our very affordable pricing here. If you need help deciding which plan is best for you, we’re an email away!

We’d love your feedback on Version 1, please leave your thoughts in the comments below.


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