Warewolf latest version:

Warewolf latest version


Warewolf latest version is out the door, so why should you upgrade?

New tools and connectors in the Tool Box

We’ve done some awesome upgrades to the Tool Box – it’s much more responsive, and the filter now supports tag search. You’ll see some cool new tools in the Tool Box:

  • The Select and Apply tool which allows updates to any data type in one functional step
  • A new COM DLL connector that allows you to connect to old COM resources
  • Script tools now allow for includes like Node.js, plus allowance for escaping characters in variables with a single check box
  • New ODBC tool, plus the Oracle and PostgreSQL connectors have been upgraded and are fully functional

Warewolf database connectors in toolbox

Upgrades in the Studio

Aside from generally making things easier to use and more responsive, you’ll discover some little gems to make your development that much easier:

  • The Explorer now supports drag and drop to move resources, and allows for duplicating resources
  • Resources screens like the Explorer and Resource Picker are easier to use
  • We’ve upgraded various security aspects for an even safer Studio environment
  • You can now view Swagger and JSON information directly from the Explorer

Swagger and APIs.json information in Warewolf

We’d love to know your experience of the latest version, please feel free to comment below or ask questions in the Warewolf Community.


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