Why is Warewolf a great tool for your Business?

Business team drawing a new big project as seen in the Warewolf Blog on Business

Warewolf gives you and your business the agility to adapt to fast-paced external forces. You can take your learning and put it forward as you improve business processes and reach your customers more effectively. By speeding up your entire SDLC by 400% (and more in some cases), companies can get to the smaller projects that add a significant amount to the bottom line.

Instead of spending hours on draining documentation and specs, developers and business executives can focus on value adding solutions. Being such a visual tool, Warewolf is self-documenting and both business and IT can see the business logic as they build, giving them the power to collaborate in a much more meaningful way.

It’s an affordable tool which can change your business, in the same way tools from companies like Microsoft Biztalk, Mulesoft and K2 can, but with quicker implementation, and at a fraction of the price.

So, what is Warewolf?

Warewolf is a low-code software application (development) tool. It is designed to do the heavy lifting and tedious tasks that are repetitive, time consuming and process heavy. Once you build a service (a service is a workflow, webservice or REST API in Warewolf) it can be reused, manipulated, merged and integrated with other Warewolf services and other enterprise software.

Warewolf Use Cases:

Our customers have had the best results when using Warewolf in the following ways:

  • Building workflow systems for business
  • Integrating existing enterprise systems – get all your systems talking to each other in a matter of days, not weeks and months
  • Automating business processes – see some of the amazing work The Unlimited has done using Warewolf
  • Developing APIs to easily share data and processes

Benefits of Using Warewolf:

Software development with Warewolf is much easier than traditional software development methods. The entire SDLC is faster due to the synergy between IT and Business from the very beginning of the project.

Business has the capacity to easily add value where it is needed, make changes promptly and adapt to the ever changing landscape.

Your IT department is able to stay agile with the changes that need to be made and systems can be built and integrated in a much shorter length of time – maintenance is a breeze!

Because IT is able to stay ahead of the curve and meet business demand, solutions are developed and implemented as and when they are needed, allowing executives to innovate in any function or department in a business.


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