No time to wait for antiquated technology

old and new technology

Using conventional thinking, technology and software development methodologies is just no longer an option for forward thinking and innovative companies who are successfully staying at the cutting edge.

According to Daniel Newman, contributor at Forbes, “IT departments are experiencing tremendous changes as their roles expand to impact customer service, sales, and even business strategies. As a result, organizations are increasingly turning IT into a driving force in all aspects of business.”

Technology is increasingly being driven by business

At The Unlimited (a financial services company) IT’s ability to adapt to, and embrace change, are major factors in their success as a business.

Here at Warewolf we are finding that a lot more innovation and technological advancement is actually being driven by business leaders and department heads. This means that IT need to be leading the way in terms of how to fulfill these needs and keep up with how business is conducted today.

It will come as no surprise to some that over the last few years, Warewolf has added approximately $9m to the bottom line of one of our customers. The Unlimited were an early adopter of Warewolf, and they are really starting to see some massive returns for their investment through their methodical automation and replacing their systems throughout their business.

A case study

In this recent case study, they used Warewolf to automate various customer campaigns, freeing up the team to add much more value to the process, rather than in doing the process. The added value from this initiative alone will add $8m to their bottom line over the next 3 years.

As the Head of Product Development, Bradley Reeksting, said,

“We previously never had the ability to test 3 different campaigns with 8 messages. It was too complicated to manage at a manual, human level. After using Warewolf we have seen a massive reduction in development time, and it’s so simple to make changes as we learn new things.”

There is no time to wait for antiquated thinking and antiquated technology. The business leaders of today are already ten steps ahead.

Change how you do business

Because of their “Exponential Organizations” way of thinking, companies like The Unlimited are continuing to break new ground at leadership and industry level, with Warewolf at the helm of their technology.

According to Brett Fuller, CEO of Customer at The Unlimited,

“The simplicity and agility of Warewolf has changed how we do business. Over time, processes can be owned by the business rather than IT. It’s not often that as an executive you can understand the IT component. With Warewolf the process is visual and business can then improve it. It is unbelievably simple.”



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