Version 1

Tools and connectors

Development using Warewolf involves the composing of various services and connectors into other reusable services. As such the evolution of systems architectures into cloud based offerings has played into the original vision for Warewolf.
We want to be in a position where a user can consume or integrate with major consumer systems, without having to modify any source.

The start of this can be seen with the SharePoint and database tooling etc.
For example, using Warewolf composition, a user should be able to monitor her company’s twitter feed and automatically raise help-desk tickets in the company ERP system, without having to write any custom code.
This phase of the project involves the creation of connectors and tools for the major consumer enterprise application.

Scalability and speed

For version one of Warewolf, we prioritized correctness over speed and scalability. The goal of version one was; to have a correct system and as importantly, a test suite that verifies this correctness. This allows us to leverage existing test suites, and build a highly scalable and performant version of Warewolf in this phase of the project.

Version 2 and beyond

The Warewolf team are strong believers in agile processes, not just in software development, but in business processes and all facets of life. Agility allows evolution; therefore, the features for version 2 are not set in stone. They will be in direct response to market forces, and software development trends in the near future. Outside of these forces we will be heavily involved in Management Features, like real-time system tracking and detailed reporting.


Updated on July 19, 2017

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