Code Review

Code review is the process that we use to ensure that we have good code integrity within the Warewolf code-base.
Our best practice guidelines are outlined in our development ethos document.
We use a lightweight peer based code review practice to ensure that any code submitted is compliant with our guidelines.

Before any code is committed to the Warewolf Blessed Repository, the internal developer handling your merge will review your code changes. If they have any comments to make to you about the code, they will contact you by email to discuss the issue on hand.

Automated Code Review

We have also automated some of the elements of code review using ReSharper and Sonar that run against your code during our continuous integration process. The CI process runs our test suite which includes:

  1. Unit testing
  2. Acceptance testing
  3. Integration testing and
  4. Coded UI testing

To keep your code compliant, you should be running our standard Resharper 8 template that you can download from the Warewolf GitHub Repository.
If you follow the margin prompts from Resharper, and keep it green, your code will pass the automated code review process too

About Resharper

If you are new to Resharper, Resharper is a brilliant tool that we use extensively.
Pluralsight has a free ReSharper training course for ReSharper customers. Please see Pluralsight’s free training for ReSharper customers blog post and ReSharper and Code Quality knowledge base article for details.

Dimecast also hosts several good training videos on ReSharper.


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Updated on July 19, 2017

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