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Our Development Ethos and Practices

This document outlines the software development ethos and practices we uphold when contributing to Warewolf. Each heading is an ethos. And each bullet point is the practice required to uphold each ethos.

I apply TDD

  • When creating a new class I ensure it always has 90% Unit Test coverage via its Test Class.
  • When amending an existing class I ensure it always has 90% Unit Test coverage via its Test Class.
  • I ensure any class with a reference to an amended class also has 90% Unit Test coverage via its Test Class.
  • I do not create a class and apply Unit Testing later. I develop Unit Test alongside my code.

I prefer abstraction over concretes

  •  I wrap .NET or third party objects in interface when none exist.
  •  I create interfaces for the classes I create so as to avoid concrete references.
  •  I create reusable code.

I use construction injection over IOC containers

  •  If I encounter IOC container use, I remove its use and replace it with constructor injection.
  •  When creating new work that requires an IOC container, I will use constructor injection instead.

I follow the Boy Scout Principle

  • I refactor a class if I am amending it and it does not follow our Ethos and Practices.
  • I ensure once a class is no longer used, I delete it.
  • I ensure Unit test coverage is at least 90% when modifying existing classes and classes with a reference to the modified class.

I Dispose / Clean up resources I use

  • When using a disposable object I wrap it in a Using statement.
  • Or ensure it is disposed manually if its scope crosses method calls.
  • All streams opened by me, are be closed by me.
  • When creating / using a class with class level variables that are disposable, I implement IDisposable and dispose these class level variables.

I employ Defensive Programming Practices

  • I null check parameters coming into a method.
  • I log and handle exceptions gracefully.
  • I do not re-use inputs in a method. Instead I will assign to a new variable and use this.
  • I do not use multiple property drill down.
  • I do not use a property accessor more than once in a method.
  • I never manipulate a Property’s backing field, except to assign a value.
  • When prototyping to understand a concept or library I never take this code into production. It is deleted once I understand how it works.

I use intent revealing naming for methods and variables

  • I use logical method names that reveal what it is doing.
  • I use logical variable names that reveal what its purpose is.
  • I use logical test method names that reveal what is tested and what is expected.

I follow other best practices as listed here

  • I internally version Workflow Activities according to our Versioning strategy.
  • When properties are added or removed I will create a new version of the activity.


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Updated on May 29, 2018

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