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Getting Started: Dependencies and 3rd Party Packages

This articles introduces the various tools, dependencies and 3rd party packages required to contribute to Warewolf.

Build Dependencies

Contributing to Warewolf is intended to be as simple as possible. We have therefore, included the correct version of all the necessary dependencies in our GitHub Binaries folder. All projects and solutions reference this folder, for third party dependencies. A more detailed explanation of the third party dependencies and their usages can be found in the Dependencies And 3rd Party Packages article.

Testing Tools

Warewolf unit testing is carried out using Microsoft’s Unit testing framework and Moq. Code coverage metrics are evaluated using Visual Studio. Please see the Testing article for testing expectations.

3rd party package

  • SpecFlow – Behaviour driven development is carried out using SpecFlow which can be downloaded here.

Read these blog posts about how we use SpecFlow.

Not what you were looking for? Ask our expert users in the Community Forum.

Updated on May 29, 2018

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