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Changes to core system development

Core system development is considered to be changes to the source code that will affect the core part of the Warewolf system components.

This includes modifications to the Warewolf server outside of adding tools, data connectors and data sources. Typically changes to how Warewolf actually works will be considered to be core system development. Given that this will have a potential to cause existing components to no longer work correctly, changes at this level will go under serious review and testing before finally making it into the code base.

It is advised that the Warewolf core development team is contacted before taking on a particular core system development, to give some insight on the areas that may be affected due to the proposed changes.

We look forward to seeing the improvements, additions and creative solutions compared to how we have developed areas of the Warewolf system. Changes will have to meet our development ethos in order to be considered.


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Updated on May 29, 2018

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