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Resources – Services and Sources


A Source in Warewolf refers to a source of methods, data or actions that can be performed. Currently Warewolf supports Database, Plugin (DLL), Sharepoint, Dropbox, Email, Warewolf server and Webservice sources. Since sources can have multiple consumers, a source can be changed without needing to update all the services that are using it, as would be the case when moving resources from a test environment to a live one.

Database Source – Is a Sql Server connection that can be used by either Database Services or DsfSqlBulkInsertActivity. Extend to another database vendor.

Plugin Source – Points to a C# DLL on the file system or in the GAC.

Webservice Source – Is a server hosting a web service that is to be accessed.

Email Source – Details of an email server including authentication information. It is used by the DsfSendEmailActivity to send emails.

Services and microservices

Services and microservices are typically the execution details combing various tools on the design surface in the form of a flow. This service is then saved onto the server and can be executed from the Warewolf Studio or as a web service using the browser or any other technology that can execute web services.

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Updated on June 11, 2018

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