Service Management

All services and sources are Resources. The ResourceCatalog loads resources during the startup of the Server. The ResourceCatalog also manages saving, updating, renaming, deleting and versioning of resources.

Save: Saving a resource is done via the SaveResource internal service. The resource is assigned a ResourceID at this point it then uniquely identifies it within Warewolf.

Update: During the save process for an update the ResourceCatalog checks if the resource has changed or has dependents, then the ResourceCatalog will generate a message to inform the Studio that the dependent resource may need to be updated.

Delete: Resource is deleted from the ResourceCatalog. At present there is no built-in mechanism to undo a delete. This is done via the DeleteResource internal service.

Rename: Renaming a resource is done via the RenameResource internal service.

Versioning: During the update process of a resource it is versioned and the version is given a comment based on the action of the update. Interacting with versions i.e. rollback to a version is done via ServerVersionRepository.

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Updated on July 19, 2017

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