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Warewolf Event Receiver Overview

This article covers the Warewolf Event Receiver overview for SharePoint 2013. This is a tool developed by Warewolf to enable round tripping between SharePoint 2013 and Warewolf.

The Warewolf Event Receiver enables you to map Warewolf services to SharePoint 2013 List Event Receivers.  There are six main Event Receivers that you can map to. Three can fire before a change is made to a list (Create, Update or Delete) and three can fire after a change is made to a list.

The common use-case for using the Before Event Receivers is to verify changes before they are made, and the common use-case for using the After Event Receivers is to trigger a business process after a list item is either created, updated or deleted.

Warewolf has a powerful set of SharePoint tools that enables a Warewolf developer to perform Create, Read, Update and Delete functions in a SharePoint list.

Combining the use of these two powerful tools you can rapidly integrate SharePoint 2013 with your other business systems or processes.

The other articles in this category will guide you through the installation process, and how to configure and use the Warewolf Event Receivers in conjunction with your Warewolf servers.


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Updated on July 19, 2017

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