Using the APIs.json Service Discovery inside Warewolf

The Warewolf APIs.json Service Discovery page enables you to discover the services available on a Warewolf  server and to configure specific services for use within SharePoint List Event Receivers.

Warewolf has a service discovery platform that can be accessed via a URL.

The service uses both the APIs.json and SWAGGER protocols to create the mappings.

To get to the Warewolf Service Discovery page, click on the Warewolf Service Discovery link on the site Settings Page within SharePoint Central Administration. You can find the link here:

Site Settings -> Warewolf Event Receivers -> Warewolf Service Discovery.

From this page you will be able to explore the available services on your selected Warewolf server.

From this page you will be able to explore the available services on your selected Warewolf server.

You can navigate to the Warewolf Service Discovery by using these URLs



Where XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX is either the Warewolf server’s IP address, or DNS name

How to map a Warewolf service for use  in a SharePoint List Event Receiver:

  1. Enter the APIs.json URL (described above) in the APIs.json URL field and click the Discover button.
  2. On successful discovery of the entered service URL, all of the available services will be returned, and will populate the Available services dropdown list.
  3. You can now select the service you want to use within a SharePoint List Event Receiver.
  4. Select a service.
  5. You can configure the service to respond to an error message.
  6. In the Error Response Field, you can enter a string that the Event receiver will search for within the returned error string. For instance you could enter the string “Incorrect”, and if the returned string contains “Incorrect”, for example “The value you entered is Incorrect”; the error handler will fire and prevent the desired Event from happening.
  7. The Error Response field is not required. You may simply want to run a Warewolf service to start a process, for example when a new record has been added to a list.
  8. Simply click the Save button when you are finished configuring the service for use by the List Event Receivers.



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