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2.7 Creating and Scheduling a Task in Warewolf

In this video we show you how to create a task and schedule services in Warewolf.

Warewolf uses the underlying Windows Task Scheduler to handle scheduled events in Warewolf. You can run scheduled services as jobs using the Scheduler. These can be once-off or recurring jobs. The Scheduler runs on the Windows server.

  1. Click on the Task button in the toolbar to schedule a service to run. We will schedule the Hello World microservice to run at 6 am during weekdays.
  2. Click the Schedule a new task button. In the right pane, at the top, click the edit button adjacent to the Triggered at field.
  3. Set the trigger to start running on the selected date at 6am.
  4. The trigger will run weekly, on weekdays, and it will recur every 1 week..
  5. When you are done, click the OK button.
  6. Name the Task Hello World. Set the Status to Enabled.
  7. Next to the Workflow textbox, click the ellipses button to choose a Service from the window.
  8. Select the Hello World microservice and click the OK button.
  9. You can check the Run task as soon as possible after a scheduled start is missed option to run the Hello World microservice at the next interval after you save the microservice.
  10. Click the Save button on the toolbar to save your scheduled task.

It’s that easy to schedule tasks and services from inside the Warewolf Studio.

Updated on June 22, 2018

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