2.6 The Server Dropdown List

In this video we show you how to connect to different Warewolf Servers using the Server Dropdown List.

The Server dropdown list is a list of Server Sources.  It appears in two locations in Warewolf, in the Explorer and in the Publishing Module.

The list enables you to connect to different Warewolf servers and use them according to your permissions and security settings on the server.

Let’s connect to the Warewolf Shared Resource Server.

The Shared Resource Server is a repository of free resources contributed by the Community.

  1. Click the New icon in the Explorer
  2. Select http from the drop down.
  3. Type store.warewolf.io into the Address field.
  4. By default Warewolf uses port 3142 for unencrypted traffic, and port 3143 for encrypted traffic. We are going to connect using the public port.
  5. We are also going to use the Public authentication type, so select Public.
  6. Click the Test Connection button. The test should be successful.
  7. The Save button in the toolbar will become enabled. Save the connection as Shared Resources Server.

To Locate your new Server Source (Shared Resources Server) and start using the resources:

  1. Select your source from the Dropdown List, in this case it will be the Shared Resources Server. It will automatically connect.
  2. A list of the Warewolf Shared Resources available will appear in the Explorer and are now ready to use.

It’s that easy to connect to Warewolf Servers anywhere in the world!



Updated on June 22, 2018

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