2.10 Deploying with Warewolf

In this video we will show you how easy deploying in Warewolf is. We will move resources between Warewolf Servers using the deploy.

Warewolf enables you to deploy resources between Warewolf Servers.

Warewolf servers encrypt resources based on the server’s unique identifiers, so it is not possible to simply move resources between servers without using the deploy.

In this video, we will deploy a resource from the Shared Resources Server (http://store.warewolf.io:3142) to our local Warewolf server.

  1. Click the Deploy button on the Toolbar to move resources between Warewolf servers. The Deploy window will display in the work-surface area. On the left is the Source Server panel and on the right is the Destination Server panel.
  2. From the Source Server dropdown list, select the Shared Resources Server (we set it up in this video). It will take several seconds to make the initial connection, give it a moment to populate.
  3. From the Destination Server dropdown list, select the localhost source, which is your local Warewolf server. This should be selected by default.
  4. From the Warewolf Store, select the Backup Example by checking it.
  5. Click on the Select All Dependencies button in the destination server. It is advisable to click this button as Warewolf services often have dependencies, like sources, connectors, and embedded microservices. This will ensure that all of the resources you need to deploy will be deployed along with it.
  6. When the dependencies have been selected, the Deploy button will become active. Click this to deploy the selected resources and dependencies from the Warewolf Store to your localhost.

After you have completed the deployment you will see that the newly deployed resources are now available for you to use, and accessible in the Explorer.

It’s really that simple to deploy resources between Warewolf Servers. This effectively means you can manage multiple Warewolf servers from a single location using Warewolf Studio.

Updated on June 22, 2018

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