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Adding or Changing Dependencies and 3rd Party Packages

This article outlines the major dependencies required to build and execute a Warewolf server and Studio. See the getting started article if you do not wish to add or change Warewolf dependencies.

Adding dependencies

Warewolf dependencies are stored in the GitHub Binaries folder. If you wish to create a new dependency, it must be stored and referenced from this folder so that the project is easily buildable.
The dependencies kept in the GitHub Binaries folder and generally dependencies that we cannot get via Nuget or are versions that we very specifically need. As far as possible dependencies should be added via Nuget.

Changing dependencies

Please contact us before changing the version of any Warewolf dependency to prevent build failures and general instability.
The current set of Warewolf dependencies can be found in the GitHub binaries folder.


Updated on June 4, 2018

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