Reporting Issues and Bugs

Reporting a bug

If you find a bug that you would like to report, you can do so in the Community Forum.
Please be thorough with your steps to reproduce and description of the bug, always leave as much information as possible.

Log files

If possible, please attach the Server Log File located in your Warewolf server folder:

  1. From the Studio, click Settings (gear icon) in the left hand menu
  2. Select the Logging tab
  3. Click the orange Server Log File link in the Server System Logs. This will open the log file in Notepad.
  4. Copy all or just the relevant time period into your comment in the Community.

If the bug relates to a workflow, and you are comfortable with it, (i.e. your workflow is not of a sensitive nature) you are welcome to attach your workflow to the bug request for us to analyse. Your workflows are normally located in %PROGRAMDATA%\Warewolf\Resources.

Reporting an issue

Warewolf’s issue tracking system is hosted on GitHub. The issue tracking system is our formalized system for handling any identified issues for Warewolf. The issue system relates directly to the code in the repository.
The link between the issues and source code get created here. You will need a GitHub account to create an issue there. All bugs and issues will be prioritized by the Warewolf Product Owner. Feedback will be provided to you via the GitHub Issues system.


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Updated on May 29, 2018

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