Installing the Warewolf Event Receiver for SharePoint 2013

Installing the Warewolf Event Receiver for SharePoint 2013 is an easy, 7-step process.

  1. Login to SharePoint 2013 server with a Farm Administrator account
  2. Copy the Deployment folder supplied with this document to the SharePoint 2013 server
  3. Deployment folder consists of a power shell script named Deployment.ps1 and a sub folder named wsp containing solution files to be deployed
  4. From Start -> SharePoint 2013 Management Shell -> Run as Administrator
  5. Navigate to the Deployment folder where you copied the Deployment folder. For example if you have copied to desktop, issue the following command:

    cd C:\Users\Administrator\Desktop\Deployment


 Note: Administrator to be replaced with your Farm Administrator based on your environment

  1. This command will deploy or reinstall the  Warewolf Event Receiver on the SharePoint 2013 server
  2. Verify that deployment is successful by navigation to central administration and click on Site Settings > Manage Site Features and verify that below features are activated


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