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Manual Resumption Tool

Use the Manual Resumption tool when you need to resume execution of a workflow before the time scheduled in the Suspend Execution Tool.

When the suspended workflow is resumed, the environment variables saved at the time of the suspension are loaded into the execution environment and the workflow is resumed from the next tool after the initial Suspend Execution Tool in the workflow.

When the workflow is resumed, the latest version of the workflow will be used. This means any changes made to the workflow between suspend and resume will be applied.

Please note that this tool will only function once the Persistence Settings have been configured in the Settings.


The SuspensionID of the suspended execution that needs to be resumed.

Override Input Variables
If the previously saved variables need to be overridden, check the Override Input Variables checkbox. If this is not required, leave it unchecked and the variables saved during execution will be used.

Drop Activity Here
Drag and drop the workflow that was suspended into the Sequence Tool in this box.
If there are inputs, they will be displayed.
This allows the user to map the variables accordingly.
The Sequence Tool cannot be removed.

The Result to be returned after execution. Success or Failed will be returned.

Updated on July 9, 2021

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