As of version, when starting Warewolf Studio for the first time, this form is shown:This is because a Warewolf license is required. If you close this form using the close button at the top right then you can still use the Warewolf studio but the local server will refuse to execute any workflows. Saving also requires the server that is being saved to be registered.
You will be able to save and execute on remote servers that have been registered with a valid license even if you do not register your local server.

If you do not already have a license, then you must fill out the form and submit it by clicking “Try For Free”. If you are registering on behalf of an organization click the button below “Enterprise” if you are registering on behalf of yourself then click the button below “Developer”.

If registration was successful you should then see this message:If you already have a license, then click “Register Now” and enter your Subscription ID and e-mail. If you do not know your Subscription ID, you can find your Subscription ID on your invoice (highlighted here with a red square)
To manage your existing subscription you can visit and log in using the e-mail address you used to register. To register a remote Warewolf server or a Warewolf server running in a container, first connect to the remote or containerized server in the Warewolf studio. Then right click the server in the explorer pane and select “Register”. Licenses can be shared between containers by copying the file from inside the container at “C:\Server\Warewolf Licensing.secureconfig”. Licenses cannot be shared this way between physical or virtual machines, only Warewolf server containers.

Note: We have decided to allow workflow executions on unregistered servers for now. This is temporary and the decision to do this was made due to feedback from some of the larger deployments of Warewolf. This is to allow time to register all the deployments without disrupting operations. Saving to unregistered servers will continue to be restricted.

Updated on October 12, 2023

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