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Connecting to Remote Servers

Connecting to remote servers inside Warewolf is easy. Provided all the relevant ports on the network and/or firewall are opened correctly. Follow the steps below to connect from one server to another.

For this example we will assume that the server you are connecting to is the Warewolf Shared Resources Server.

  1. Create a new connection to a remote Warewolf server by clicking New Remote Server… in the connect drop down menu.Screenshot of the Explorer - New Remote Server
  2. In the Address field, type store.warewolf.io (Substitute this address for the address you want to connect to).
  3. Make sure you select  http (or whichever is applicable). You can also use the relevant IP address in the same manner e.g.
  4. Enter the port on the server, in this case 3142
  5. Select Authentication Type as Public (or relevant credentials) and click Test Connection.New Server Source Screenshot - image taken from Warewolf
  6. If you are using the User Authentication Type, remember to add the domain if relevant e.g. MYDOMAIN\username
  7. Save the connection as you want for future use.

Note: Connections are not reciprocal i.e. Creating a connection from A to B will allow B to respond to requests from A, but it will not automatically allow B to connect to A.

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Updated on July 19, 2017

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