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Suspend Execution Tool

Use the Suspend Execution tool when you need to suspend the execution of a workflow and persist the data so that the workflow can be resumed with the persisted data at the time scheduled in the tool.

When the Suspend Execution tool is executed, the workflow execution will be stopped and all the environment variables at the time of the execution will be persisted into the database configured in Persistence Settings
It will only resume when the time configured has elapsed or it is manually resumed.

When the workflow is resumed, the latest version of the workflow will be used. This means any changes made to the workflow between suspend and resume will be applied.
Take care not to remove the tool directly after the Suspend Execution tool else when the workflow is resumed, it will fail as it won’t know where to resume from.

Please note that this tool will only work once the Persistence Settings have been configured in the Settings.

Suspend Until
Select an option for when the suspended workflow should be resumed and then enter the value for when the suspended workflow needs to be resumed.

Encrypt Resumption Data
If selected, the resumption data stored will be encrypted.
Resumption data is everything stored in the environment at the time of execution.

When the workflow is suspended, a SuspensionID is generated which can be used for manual resumption.

If selected, it allows for the manual resumption of the workflow suspended execution.
This will enable you to drop an activity for the manual resumption.

Drop Activity Here
This where a tool will be dragged and dropped so that the SuspensionID can be saved to a data store to allow for the workflow to be manually resumed.

Please note: Hangfire at this stage runs on UTC datetime. This means the date captured here will be converted to UTC so that it can be saved into Hangfire as UTC so that it will be resumed correctly

Updated on December 14, 2020

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