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Adding an Email Source

In this example, we will be creating a new Email Source inside Warewolf.

  1. Inside the Studio, right-click on localhost (Connected) in the Explorer, click on Sources and select New Email Source from the list.
  2. Add the Host.
  3. Add the User Name of the account used to connect to this resource.
  4. Add the Password of the account used to connect to this resource.
  5. Enable SSL if your server requires it.
  6. Add the Port of the email server you are using.
  7. Add the Timeout allowed for the operation to connect before throwing an error.
  8. To send a test email, add the From email address that will be used to send the email.
  9. Add the email address you want to send the test message To.
  10. Click Test Connection.
  11. Click Save in the menu on the left. In the pop-up dialog, name your Email Source and Save.
Updated on July 17, 2020

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