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Configuring Execution Logging

The default Logging Data Source for Execution Logging is an SQLite database.

The SQLite database is created in the C:\ProgramData\Warewolf\Audits folder. This can be changed in Settings – Logging.

On start up of the server, if the SQLite database does not exist, it will be created.

To change the SQLite folder inside Warewolf:

  1. Click the Settings icon
    Settings Icon used in Warewolf to change security and permissions
  2. Select Logging from the sub menu in the centre of the Settings Tab that opens.
  3. This will open the Logging settings. Take note of the Execution Logging section. This is where the Folder Path to the SQLite database will be changed.LoggingSettingsAudits
  4. Change the Folder Path to the new destination.LoggingSettingsEditFolderPath
  5. Click Save. If the folder, does not exists, it will be created. The SQLite database will be moved from the previous folder into the new folder.
Updated on June 26, 2020

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