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Execution Logging – Configure Logging Level

Executions logging can be configured so that not everything is logged to the data source. It can be entirely switched off by setting the log level to None: No logging.

To configure Execution Logging Levels:

  1. Click the Settings icon
    Settings Icon used in Warewolf to change security and permissions
  2. Select Logging from the sub menu in the centre of the Settings Tab that opens.
    This will open the Logging settings.
  3. Click on the Server Systems Logs dropdown. This will set it for the Server Log as well as the Executions Logs.Logging Log Levels
  4. Select the log level from the dropdown. The system defaults to Debug.Logging Log Levels DropDown
  5. Click Save.

For more information on the Server Log check out Logging


Updated on June 25, 2020

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