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RabbitMQ Consume

The RabbitMQ Consume tool will consume a message on a RabbitMQ queue.

The queue message will be read from the RabbitMQ queue to be processed in Warewolf. This enables further processing and/or use of the queued message.


Select a previously created source from the dropdown or click New to create a new RabbitMQ Source. For more information check out Adding a RabbitMQ Source

Queue Name

Enter the name of the Queue to listen for in the RabbitMQ server.

Output to Object

Selecting this allows you to output the full response into an object (JSON representation).


This will be the response to what you have Consumed from your Queue.


Provides the number of messages that can be consumed concurrently.


The Queue might be empty when the Consumer makes the initial attempt to Consume the message.


Acknowledge will send back result from the consumer to tell RabbitMQ that a particular message has been received, processed and that RabbitMQ is free to delete it.


Checking this will leave the message you consumed in the Queue. Leaving it UnChecked will remove it from the Queue after it has been consumed.


Returns Success or Failure depending on the success of the message published.

Updated on July 17, 2020

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