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RabbitMQ Publish

RabbitMQ Publish tool in Warewolf is used to publish messages to a RabbitMQ Queue.

The Queue will be created if it does not exist.

Queue Name

Enter the name of the Queue to publish messages in a RabbitMQ server.


Use ExecutionID or CustomTransactionID from Header as CorrelationID of the Queue you want to consume from.

Queue Settings

  • Durable will prevent queues from getting lost after the source is restarted.
  • Exclusive queues may only be accessed by the current connection, and are deleted when that connection closes. Passive declaration of an exclusive queue by other connections are not allowed.
  • If Auto Delete is set, the Queue is deleted when all consumers have finished using it.


The Message is the actual content you want to add in the Queue when the Consumer consumes the message. This content will be returned as the response.


Returns Success or Failure depending on the success of the message published.

For an example check out Warewolf Queue Trigger Publisher Example

Updated on July 17, 2020

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