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Web Service Endpoints

Web service endpoints in Warewolf are URLs.

Each Service is a mashup of tools and resources. These services are accessed from the outside by executing the web URL as a RESTFUL web service.

To access the endpoint in this way, the caller must have View and Execute permissions.

The end points are made up as follows (italics is programmable and bold is mandatory):

http or https :// ServerAddress : Port / services / Folder…(n) / Service Name .jason or .xml ? Input String 

e.g. https://myserver.com:3143/services/InsertCustomer.json?FirstName=Bart&Surname=Simpson

http or https

All endpoints are automatically available over http or https, provided the corresponding port is open. By default http traffic will go through port 3142 and https traffic will use 3143.


This could be an IP address, computer name on the network or domain name. Not case sensitive.


The port at that ServerAddress that Warewolf is listening on. Typically 3142 for http Warewolf requests and 3143 for https requests.


The folder structure under which the service can be found. This could be many nested folders. Not case sensitive.

Service Name

The saved name of the service in the folder above. Not case sensitive.


Defines if the response data should be returned as JSON or XML. If neither is defined, the default is XML.

Input String

To pass data into the service, use query string notation: Variable=value&variable2=value2… To pass in recordset values use xml:

[[Family(1).Name]] = Bart [[Family(1).Surname]] = Simpson
[[Family(2).Name]] = Lisa [[Family(2).Surname]] = Simpson
[[Family(3).Name]] = Homer [[Family(3).Surname]] = Simpson

Would be passed in as a long xml string:



NOTE: The <DataList> tags are mandatory when using this method. Also, Scalars can be passed in in the same way.

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Updated on June 11, 2018

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